Jiankang Public Housing, Songshan District

  • Location : Taipei, Taiwan
  • Area : 4799 m2(district 1), 4885 m2(district 2)
  • Project Year : 2017
  • Photographs : Courtesy of Bio-architecture Formosana; Studio Millspace
The site was originally the home for Fulian Village 5; a village reserved for military veterans and their relatives. For the purpose of respecting and protecting this historical site and its remains, the design of the site sought to combine the elements of the old with the new in hope to better appreciate the current urban context.

Utilizing on-site resources, the design intends to return more green spaces back to the residences with ecological architecture at its core design strategy. In order to maximize the green space allowed, the design focused both the horizontal direction and the vertical. An open platform is also created for our young generations to learn about sustainable design through our use of recycled building material and prefabricated construction method.

In consideration for the possibility of future renovation, the design opt for the exposed conduit configuration whenever possible, this approach also minimize the maintenance difficulty. The building has also been selected as a AMI demonstration project by ITRI through the use of intelligent multimeter.