Minquan Elementary School Morakot post-disaster reconstruction

  • Location : Namasia, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
  • Area : 30,207 m2
  • Project Year : 2011
  • Photographs : Courtesy of Bio-architecture Formosana
Designing with the thought of local Taiwanese Aborigines, Min-quan Elementary School is inspired by Bunun and Cou’s tribal community shelters. Transformed from the concept of their traditional residence, the school is designed to give a sense of ‘home’. The main building is a large structure that connects all the classrooms within. Each classroom has wooden folding doors that give flexibility to extend classrooms to internal playground as if all bedrooms are attached to a big living room at home. Totem-wall reaches the ceiling to form a pattern of diamonds, signifies ‘eyes of the ancestors’. This ceiling reminds students that storytelling is the indigenous away of educating the young. Other than a place to learn, Min-quan elementary school is also an evacuation center for the area. When it is used as an evacuation center, the space provides food, water and electricity for 7 days with a maximum capacity of 300 people during hurricane seasons.