雜志|張清華與 FuturArc 談"建築界裏的女性"

雜志|張清華與 FuturArc 談"建築界裏的女性"

FuturArc's Women in Architecture 2021

Last month, BaF's founder Ms Ching-Hwa Chang was interviewed on FuturArc Magazine , discuss about her design philosophies, significant projects, and mentor ship.

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Much has been said of the challenges that women face in the workplace, how a female point of view is often lacking in the boardroom. But how are these manifested in the field of design? In the realm of sustainability, in particular, is there a woman’s perspective at the drawing board?

Women deal with the proverbial glass ceiling; they struggle with clashing career and family demands. There can be biases in the office, on project sites and in client meetings. Some counter, however, that this is often tempered by social class: if a woman comes to the world of design from a background of wealth or privilege, the discrimination she encounters can be assuaged, but it does not go away entirely.

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